Building cultural competence through cultural awareness and internationalised business & marketing strategies is the key to sustainable success and profitability. Integrating this knowledge into core business strategies is essential for creating highly innovative, empowered and truly unique products, services and communities.

This competitive edge is exactly what I help my partners achieve.

With this goal I founded Mindful Generation.


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What can I do for you?

Core competences


Melinda Meszaros

My name is Melinda Meszaros and Iā€™m a teacher, coach and consultant on cross-cultural/international management, global leadership and perinatal care.

With over ten years of international cross-field experience, I specialise in international education, software and the healthcare industries.

I teach and work in English, Dutch and Hungarian. Based in the Netherlands, I take on international assignments both online and offline.

Some organisations I worked with:

Philips Fontys Vescom Unicef

Philips Lighting / Fontys University of Applied Sciences / Vescom B.V. / UNICEF Baby Friendly Initiative


A mindful generation ā€“ vision & mission

Every human being has the right to learn, to be heard, and to be able to provide for themselves and their families. I believe that working for this brings us a healthier, more inclusive and more respectful global society, in which everyone ā€“ regardless of gender, ethnicity and personal background ā€“ has a fair chance. There is a lot to be done, and I dedicate my work to a change for the better.

Hence my mission is to do what I'm best at:

Through teaching ethical intercultural/international business & marketing and science based perinatal health practices, I address complex international strategic and leadership issues. By consulting and coaching professionals and organizations I help them flourish and transform into hubs where my vision comes alive.